Why you should care

  • Every 36.6 seconds someone in America is violently assaulted.*
  • Every 77 seconds someone in America is robbed.*
  • Every 5.7 minutes someone in America is forcibly raped.*
  • Every 30.89 minutes someone in America is murdered.*
  • Every year 1 in every 211 people will be violently assaulted, robbed, raped, or murdered (473.5 in every 100,000).*
  • YOU have a 1 in 2.7 chance (36.9%) of personally experiencing one of these crimes in your lifetime. (Look to your left and to your right; If it doesn't happen to them then it will happen to you!)
  • If you are 26 or older that figure jumps to 55.4%.
  • If you are 39 or older that figure jumps to 73.9%.
  • 1,417,745 violent crimes occurred (Murder - 1.2%, Forcible Rape - 6.5%, Robbery - 31.6%, Aggravated Assault - 60.7%).*
  • Law Enforcement simply can't be everywhere at once. Where will they be when YOU need them?

If you are not prepared for your attacker, you are next!
Violent crimes increased from 2004 to 2005 and increased again from 2005 to 2006.*
(*According to the FBI's latest UCR for which complete data is available)

It is time that criminals and terrorists fear We The People rather than us cowering before them!

What you can do

Get Proper Training!
Why don't people get the defense training that will save their life?
  • They don't know where to start
  • The cost is too high
  • It's too much of a time commitment
  • They can't travel
  • They can't find the right "fit"
  • They don't know which training to get

We're making it as easy as possible for you to get the right system right now!
The system we offer was designed by elite military personnel and taught to select law enforcement as a system of methods, tactics and techniques that work for most anyone, anytime.
Because there are too many reasons that you may not have access to us, we in the process of making this training available to the public for the first time ever on DVD!

You can now receive the best defense training available on the market today

  • at home
  • in your spare time
  • at your own pace
  • with your children in a safe environment
  • with as much review as you need
  • with no one critiquing you or knowing that you know
  • at a price anyone can afford!
It simply can't get any easier for you than that!

What you need to do now

Decide which training you need based on your current circumstances and how prepared you want to be.
Place your order and receive the best defense system available on the market today that will save your life tomorrow!
Tell your friends to do the same!

The Three by Three Unified Protection System

Have you ever dreamed of being as capable as an elite Special Forces operative? Ever wanted to be confident enough to handle any emergency? Ever desired simply to live without fear in the world? Ever felt a need to be more well-balanced in your personal security and preparedness?

Available to the public for the first time ever, designed by elite military personnel, taught to select Law Enforcement Officers, the Three by Three Unified Protection System contains the techniques, strategies, tactics and methodologies used by professionally-trained military personnel around the world to form the only protection system built from the ground up to incorporate all facets (firearms, other weapons, and hand-to-hand) of personal protection in a system that virtually anyone can learn and use. Learn more...

Training Courses:

All of our training material is being made available on DVD for viewing in your home, at your discretion, as much as you want, for excellent review. However, many individuals prefer the hands-on, one-on-one instruction available only in-person. For those situations, each of our classes is offered in-person several times throughout the year. At In-person Training Events, an Instructor will take each attendee through the same course material provided on the course DVD in a more personal setting. Attendees will then receive personal instruction, troubleshooting, hints and tips specific to the individual. Attendees will also receive the course DVD for review of all tactics, techniques, and instruction at their leisure. (Credit towards the event tuition will be given to an attendee who has previously purchased the course DVD.)

The Training Events offered by Power of Nine are advanced courses. Each of our training courses redefine self-defense as you currently know it.

Learn more about the Three by Three Unified Protection System and how it will revolutionize your firearms, weapons and hand-to-hand self-defense.

Power of Nine advanced training courses consist of several separate curriculums. Each course incorporates the Three by Three Unified Protection System techniques and tactics.

In-Person Training Events:

  • Our Events are 1 to 2 full days unless otherwise noted.
  • For safety and maximum learning experience, each Event contains a maximum of 10 student spaces.
  • Events begin promptly at 9:00 a.m. and continue until 6:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted.
  • Events consist of classroom training as well as range instruction and practice unless otherwise noted.
  • Power of Nine provides all of the firearms and the ammunition necessary for you to participate in these Events as well as appropriate hearing and eye protection. The use of these items are included in your tuition payment unless otherwise noted.
  • These Events are non-smoking events, however multiple breaks are provided during the day.
  • Transportation is provided by Power of Nine from the designated hotel to the training facilities.
  • A hearty lunch and a light refreshment is provided daily and is included in your tuition payment.