Pistol Bowling

Some may consider bowling a boring sport to watch on TV. The "Power of Nine" shooting technique just made it much more exciting. This shooting was accomplished after only 2 hours of range training time learning the Three by Three Unified Protection System! Learning all NINE shooting fundamentals fills in the gaps that the standard 6 or 7 shooting fundamentals leave behind. (Video blank? Click here)

Pistol Batting Practice

Now this is how batting practice should be! Since this video was posted there's been a 13% increase in wooden bat sales! - Just kidding, but you can clearly see why it COULD happen. This is yet another example of how knowledge of the exclusive "Power of Nine" shooting technique enhances any level of shooting skills. Every shot on this video hits a portion of the bat. This is REAL fun, even if you're not a baseball fan! (Video blank? Click here)

Victory Shot

Sometimes you just have to let loose and go for the victory. With "Power of Nine" shooting, that becomes a whole lot easier and a LOT more fun. The worst day of shooting is better than the best day of nearly anything else, and a good day of shooting sure tops that! Enjoy! V is for Victory! (Video blank? Click here)