The Three by Three Unified Protection System

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The Power of Nine Extreme Firearms Training

Revolutionary Science

  • The world is ROUND.
  • The Internet will change the face of commerce.
  • There are NINE critical shooting fundamentals!

As ridiculous as it sounds today, there was a time in which the world was believed to be flat and the Internet was just going to be a fad. Likewise, today there is the belief that there are only 6 or 7 Shooting Fundamentals. These fundamentals are viewed to be the Holy Grail of shooting and as such are taught in firearms training, worldwide. But, just as inaccurate as a flat world and the speculations of the longevity of the Internet were scientifically flawed, learning a mere 6 or 7 shooting fundamentals is sorely lacking.

The Three by Three Unified Protection System teaches you all 9 complete and accurate shooting fundamentals that fill in the gaps of what you have previously been taught. Regardless of how much training you do or don't have, the Three by Three Unified Protection System will dramatically improve your shooting accuracy, consistency, speed, and confidence. This is one Revolution you're going to thoroughly enjoy!

Just as archaic as the weapons strategies which were implemented during the Civil War were, so too is learning only 6 or 7 fundamentals of shooting.

Find out what you're missing NOW!

There is indeed POWER in your mastery of the Power of Nine Extreme Defensive Firearms Training. This information is literally changing the world of shooting as you now know it! These 9 fundamentals positively affect the science of successfully handling a pistol, shotgun, rifle, and even physical self-defense implementation.

Friends Don't Let Friends Fight Unarmed! Without a clear understanding of the Three by Three Unified Protection System, you might as well have brought a knife to a gun-fight.

Are you ready to learn what you've been missing?

You're going to LOVE practicing your new shooting technique. You're going to love the jaw dropping looks you'll receive at the shooting range. Or the stunned look of that wild game you were hunting. More importantly, if you are in a position in which you need to protect yourself or your loved ones, you will have absolute confidence that you can shoot and accurately disable the threat.

What Else? The Power of Nine Extreme Defensive Shooting Training will teach you how you can eliminate tunnel vision, post-traumatic stress syndrome, "The Fog of War," emotional turmoil after a self-defense shooting, and every other "after-math" aspect to shooting a firearm.

This is not simply a training course. This is truly a life-altering event for all those who desire to master the science of shooting a firearm. Everyone will improve and permanently change upon participation in this life-changing event!

Numerous seasoned shooting-experts practice hours weekly, and yet even THEY have improved with the additional knowledge these 9 complete fundamentals teach them!

If you typically hit 3 out of 5 shots- YOU WILL IMPROVE.
If you typically hit 9 out of 10 shots- YOU WILL IMPROVE.
If you typically hit EVERY shot- YOU WILL IMPROVE with a faster speed!
If you've never shot a firearm before, YOU WILL BE BETTER THAN YOUR SEASONED shooter friends!

Are you a training junkie? Learn more from ALL of your other training by filling in the gaps with this exclusive technique.